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These photographs are made according to the principles of record pictures. Originally developed in the mid-nineteenth century, this highly detailed, matter-of-fact photography was commissioned by government and industry for authoritative documentary purposes. Drawing on the fundamental property of photography to depict realistically with great precision, emphasis is placed on description rather than interpretation to produce a photograph that is “faithful to the subject”.

Michael Collins admires the calm, unembellished aesthetic characteristic of record picture photography because it allows him to make pictures without a didactic or subjective emphasis. There is great freedom in a picture, particulary a photograph, which does not expose the artist’s motivations or autobiographical engagement within it – both for the artist and the viewer.

These photographs are digital chromogenic prints, made from large-format negatives, scanned and printed to reveal great detail and definition. The prints, in an edition of seven, measure approximately 122cm by 152.5cm.

All the photographs on this website are the copyright of Michael Collins and may not be reproduced in any form without his written permission.